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Our Sales Support processes accelerate revenue growth and improve profitability by targeting your prospects through multiple channels, with a human touch. Focusing on controlling and reducing operating costs, we re-engineer the sales processes to reduce the time-to-market. Our agents deliver excellent conversation rates at a low cost per sale, helping you increase the value of every client relationship.

Our sales conversion methodology moves qualified leads from identification to sold accounts. The results are quantifiable, measurable and repeatable, which leads to better management and superior results. Each time your customers initiate contact with us, whether by toll-free number, e-mail, or web chat, they become an attentive and willing audience. We look at the complete picture of a sales transaction, including opportunities to decrease the cost of customer acquisition, increase order values, and save-the-sale efforts with unsatisfied customers.

We have been providing sales services to businesses of all sizes and nature ranging from small businesses to the largest Fortune 500 companies. From NGOs looking for willing donors to those that require technology sales leads, companies have turned to HGS for sales support and expansion.

We are among the best in the world in designing cross-sell and up-sell programs, order processing and providing field support to sales.

Cross-sell and Up-sell

We understand that each customer is only as good as the value she generates. We supply her with the right kind of information and treat her with the best customer service to make her buy more of your products. We use customer analytics to predict an existing customer's appetite for a new product or service, improving your hit rate and allowing you to achieve more for less.

Order Processing

We not only use state-of-the art technology to process orders efficiently, we reinforce your customer relationships by providing excellent care. And we keep looking for additional cross and up-sell opportunities as we work. We have a proven track record for boosting average order values and customer satisfaction.

Field Sales Support

We are experts in field sales support. We provide the last mile connectivity to your customers just as well as we initiate the first contact with them. Our agents 'close loop' your sales within the response time defined by you, with complete accuracy. Acting as an extension of your sales department, we take complete ownership of frontline sales.

HGS Holding Structure

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