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Billing Support

The production of timely and correct bills is one of the most impact making functions of your business. It is of utmost importance to appropriately resolve customer inquiries about bills and resolve their doubts or complaints in a timely and accurate manner. A customer unhappy with your bill and unable to get her grievances addressed is very likely to secede from you. Like many of the Fortune 500 companies, you can trust our trained agents to handle all billing related queries efficiently, with very high First Call Resolution rates. Our tailor made billing desk for you will make a direct financial impact through revenue assurance and lower cost of support.

We are experts in billing and payment support, complaint resolution, claims and refunds administration, and dispute management. Our efficient forecasting and scheduling methods reduce your collections backlog and plug your revenue leakages. It is not uncommon for our agents to up-sell your services while resolving a billing dispute!


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