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Analytics and Market Research

One of the truly valuable assets of a well-managed contact center is its ability to capture valuable data about your customers and their preferences, perceptions, and purchasing behavior. Through our analytics and market research solutions, we develop a clear picture of today's marketplace, and an accurate prediction of tomorrow's trends. We combine this intelligence with our interaction channels to deliver customer views that help you optimize the extension of your brands, products, and services.

Our analytics and market research services include:

Satisfaction and loyalty surveys

With every program. Our survey data uncovers the drivers to customer satisfaction and loyalty, including the impact on product and service performance, and the success of the contact center to resolve customer issues.

Data analytics

That combine overall customer-satisfaction survey data with reason and resolution codes to uncover the root cause of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction and the corresponding impact on future customer purchase behavior.

Real time trend and crisis alerts

That help you proactively respond to issues and trends as they happen.


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