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After Sales

We follow up with your customers after they have purchased a product or service from you and foster long term customer relationships. Our effective After Sales Program helps you strengthen your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses, based on customer feedback. It simplifies the method, streamlines the flow, optimizes performance and significantly reduces the turn-around-time. We make courtesy calls to rate your product or level of service, we solicit your customers to extend their warranty support, and we help them rectify any issue they face with your products.

Our effective and personalized customer service provides you a platform for up selling and cross selling different types of products or services. We can streamline all your after sales responsibilities into one bundled service, thereby optimizing costs. We ensure that your brand is endorsed by that coveted 'word-of-mouth'. We ensure prompt service through strict monitoring of pre-defined and controllable parameters.

Once a customer is won, we work with you to keep them, building loyalty and growing wallet share. We are capable of turning your after sales service into a profit center.

Our After Sales Program extends to

Installation/Configuration Support

Well begun is well done. We make sure your new users have all the help they need to get started. We can help them install and configure your products through a step by step guidance. With an extensive experience in providing such support to a diversified global clientele, we manage to do all this keeping the average handle time low. So you get satisfied customers at the least possible costs.

Functional Support

We use multi-channel support services, with a blend of voice, email, chat and web based support. Our agents have years of expertise in providing Level 1 Functional Usage Support Services. We deliver superlative customer experience while continuing to find new ways of reducing your cost of operations and increasing your revenue.


Our teams of dedicated and trained technology specialist agents provide a level of support that builds customer satisfaction via first time resolution. We troubleshoot through both voice and non-voice channels, integrated within a single platform. We have a proven record of success in both B2B and B2C environments, supporting consumer products and mission critical business applications in multiple languages. By seamlessly integrating your knowledge base into our CRM, we enable our agents to resolve the problems quickly and completely.

Field Support

We understand that companies need to focus on customer service and post sales technical support to stay ahead in a competitive environment. We provide personalized solutions to the technical and non-technical problems of your customers, right at their doorsteps.

Warranty Support

We provide appropriate levels of service for the entire product lifetime. Our agents, with their domain expertise, process skills and extensive experience, are adept at the art of up selling of warranty and spares.

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